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Nash County Has a Voice in Raleigh

The extreme gerrymander of voting districts in North Carolina has nevertheless given Nash voters a rare opportunity in our state: a competitive district that represents almost our entire county. This gives us the chance to defeat the far-right supermajority and force all of our elected officials to consider the issues instead of bowing to party bosses.

Everyone in Nash County except for the Sharpsburg precinct south of Rocky Mount can vote to support the campaign of Dr. Lorenza Wilkins for House District 25. Visit the Nash County Board of Elections website to find your precinct and polling place, and start making your plans for voting Tuesday, Nov. 5!

Very detailed map of Nash County with outlines of individual precincts


Where to Vote in House District 25

P01A - Bailey
Bailey Baptist Church
6646 Deans Street

P02A - Middlesex
Middlesex Baptist Church
11490 West Stewart Street

P03A - Samaria
Samaria Baptist Church
3752 Samaria Church Lane

P04A - Stanhope
Stanhope Volunteer Fire Department
4416 West NC 97

P05A - Coopers
Coopers Volunteer Fire Department
3628 Volunteer Road

P06A - Spring Hope (NEW 2024)
Saint Hope Missionary Baptist Church
7337 Church Bend Road

P07A - Momeyer
Momeyer Ruritan Building
4812 Momeyer Way

P08A - Nashville
Nash County Agriculture Building
1006 Eastern Avenue

P09A - Castalia
Castalia Volunteer Fire Department
11065 Lancaster Store Road

P10A - Griffins
Social Union Baptist Church
10011 Cooper Road

P11A - Red Oak
Red Oak Volunteer Fire Department
7951 Red Oak Blvd.

P12A - Salem
Salem Volunteer Fire Department
4559 Swift Creek School Road


P13A - Whitakers (NEW 2023)
Refuge One Way Church
101 West Nash Street

P14A - Dortches
Dortches Town Hall
3057 Town Hall Road

P15A - Oak Level
Nash Central High School
4279 Nash Central High Road

P16A - Rocky Mount Battleboro
The Dunn Center (Wesleyan College)
3400 N. Wesleyan Blvd.

P17A - Rocky Mount Benvenue
Benvenue Baptist Church
2464 Benvenue Road

P18A - Rocky Mount Hunter Hill
The Impact Center (Word Tab. Church)
821 Word Plaza

P19A - Rocky Mount Winstead
Englewood Baptist Church
1350 South Winstead Avenue

P20A - Rocky Mount Sunset
Englewood United Methodist Church
300 South Circle Drive

P21A - Rocky Mount Downtown
Braswell Memorial Library
727 N. Grace Street

P22A - Rocky Mount Edwards
Greator Joy Baptist Church
820 Nashville Road

P23A - Rocky Mount South
South Rocky Mount Comm. Center
719 Recreation Drive

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