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Education is the great equalizer. It is what helps establish a solid foundation for a person’s life regardless of where they come from or what their background is. Our state constitution guarantees a “sound basic education” to the children of North Carolina. We have teachers leaving the state for better-paying jobs, schools in dilapidation and overcrowded classrooms. Yet, the General Assembly is insistent on taking money away from public schools and funding private school vouchers. I have no problem with

people sending their children to private schools if they so choose. However, it

should not be to the detriment of public schools. Funding public schools in our

state seems to be a constant battle of one step forward and two steps back. I

want to end that battle and make sure our children and our children’s children

have the education they deserve to ensure they can gain meaningful careers and

contribute to the growth/well-being of their families and the community.

Reproductive Rights

The only people who should be involved in someone’s medical decisions are the person and their doctor. Not the state, not the courts, just them. Reproductive rights in the country as a whole and here in North Carolina are under constant attack. People should not have to wait until they are at death’s door to get the care they require. When

elected, I plan to defend everyone’s reproductive rights as strongly as possible.  

Small Businesses

In a time where we see large corporations push locally owned, mom-and-pop shops out of business we need to be investing in small business development. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, small businesses faced a plethora of challenges. Many small businesses are still recovering. Legislators in Raleigh should be doing everything they can to help continue with whatever recovery is needed as well as creating incentives for people to open up their businesses. Small businesses help to create a sense of community, they help to create gathering places, and simply put, they help to create jobs, jobs for our friends, family, and neighbors.

Mental Health

There is a mental health crisis in North Carolina and here in Nash County. Be it anxiety,

depression, PTSD, addiction, etc., we need to come together as a community and

as a General Assembly and address it directly. We need to make sure we allocate

resources to confront and alleviate the root causes of mental health issues and

then assist individuals with productively reentering society.

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